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We Develop Robust Business Strategies for Companies

At Frontera, we help emerging growth businesses navigate the complex landscape of California’s evolving rules, regulations and overall business environment. We are pragmatic problem solvers dedicated to making your enterprise succeed by granting deep understanding of the real issues. Whether it be inconsistent state and federal policy and regulation, or the difficulty of complex M&A industry transactions, we have the experience and ability to guide you through the eye of the needle that is the coming regulated marketplace.


We are California’s thought leaders and entrepreneurs, dedicated to helping our clients grow businesses that will stand the test of time.


Frontera Law Group has been instrumental in guiding Eaze through all stages of its life cycle as a company, from start-up to industry leader.

Keith McCarty
Founder, Eaze

Make the Right Connections

We represent the best and the brightest in the industry and allow you to leverage an unparalleled network to help your business succeed.

Utilize Our Experience

Our highly skilled attorneys have an extensive background and understanding of the industry, enabling us to provide targeted analyses of the issues affecting your business that even the largest of firms can’t match.

Learn the Latest Developments

We work with officials at the highest levels of state and local government to craft responsible policy and regulation to benefit the industry as a whole.

Fast-track Your Success

We help you structure your corporation, raise capital, implement successful and fully-compliant operations, strategize growth, plan for liquidity events, and more.

Our Team

Our legal team consists of business focused attorneys with experience in cutting-edge industries, trained to help you overcome problems and find solutions. We come from a wide variety of backgrounds and levels of experience, and we leverage that experience, as well as the strength of our network, to help your business succeed.

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